SAFE PLAY ADDITIONS 2020- Please take time to read about these changes that will be made to make all these events safe for players, coaches, parents, umpires, and staff due to COVID 19.

-NO PHYSICAL GATE - No Money Exchanged / No Wristbands Etc

-NO PHYSICAL LINEUP CHANGES - All Events are Bat Lineup / FREE Substitution (TEXT LINEUP / ROSTER to opposing team) Contact Info Shared at time of pairings - Umpire will not need lineup card no physical exchange

-NO HOME PLATE MEETING - UMPIRE meeting for the Event will be help on ZOOM the Thursday night prior to event - One representative will need to be present from each team- UIC or EVENT Director will go over ground rules for that weekend & Answer Questions. HOME / VISITOR will be decided in pool prior to event & Higher Seed is Home in Bracket play 

-GAME BALL DISINFECTANT  - We will rotate 6 game balls rather than 2-3 that we supply for every game - All balls will be constantly rotated through and wiped with Clorox wipes

-COVID Signs posted throughout the Complex  - Wash Hands / Social Distance Etc 

-NO PHYSICAL POOLS/BRACKETS - All scores will be online and NOT posted at the park. 

-NO POST GAME - Hand shakes by teams and coaches 

-BATHROOMS STOCKED & HAND SANITIZER  - Bathrooms will be cleaned and wiped down constantly - Already some of the best ballpark bathrooms anywhere. BUT fully stocked with SOAP and TOWELS & We will have TWO LARGE hand sanitizer stations in the park. 

-ENTER & EXIT  - We will create FOUR entrances/exits as to not have congestion 

-MARKED CONCESSION LINES - We will do 7' spaces to wait at concessions 

-TIME ADDED between games to get teams Exited or Entered & Will have Morning & Afternoon sessions as not to keep you at park all day. IN / OUT 

-TAILGATE AT THE FENCE - IF weather permits (We will allow vehicles to back up to outfield fences) *obviously not responsible for windshields. :) 

-NO SEEDS ALLOWED - No spitting etc.


JUNE EVENTS - First POOL GAME is a "Practice Game" and will not be used to seed bracket play. We also have extra Fields / Tons of room / and Batting cages. We will Designate Warm up areas and MARK them for your use. 


* I'm sure there will be more things we can do that will not compromise the games, and will let you know on any updates.


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