Currently the City of Omaha and State Governor have placed a city parks closure until May 31st. The City of Beatrice Mayor has placed a City Park closure until July 1st. Organizations such as USSSA, USA, PGF & Triple Crown stopped sanctioning events - But are currently talking to open a safe to play in June Campaign across the country. T2Events plan is to open up a Play with Safe Rules in place starting June 5th.
We have a current updated list of events & dates posted now under 'Tournaments/Events Page. Please take time to read about these events and the changes that will be made to make these events happen and safe for the players, coaches, parents, umpires, and staff.
At this time we will NOT take paid registrations for these events as we are still unsure of what the National/State/City policies will be on June 1st. Simply email if you want penciled in. We WILL take penciled in spots as all spots will be very limited and priority will go to teams that have credits with us due to cancellations currently.
 CREDITS & REFUNDS: Although T2Events is a two year old company and very resilient, changes brought by COVID 19 and its impact on the economy, truly impacted T2Events like everyone else. With that being said here is what we are prepared to do to make all of our customers whole. We are asking you all to look towards the future events and use the money you have already spent with us to pencil into a future event or two. IF you no longer wish to play in a future event we host you can put that credit toward any 2021 event we host.
If your team requests a FULL refund T2Events will put you in a refund queue and address this as quickly as possible. If circumstances change and we have flexibility to do so we will accelerate the refund process. Please understand that no matter what T2Events will make good on your entry fee whether its through Credit, Reschedules, or Refunds.
T2Events is a small company that is resilient! We do this to put on quality events your kids will love, ran by people who love the sport! We ask that you be patient with us as a plan is put in place that we feel will benefit all teams and players to create a great 2020 season.
Thank you all for your patience and patronage. We truly appreciate it!

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 Our staff at T2Events want to run price appropriate events with a variety of competition. We will run all ages and levels of play and will draw from seven states (NE,IA,SD,KS,CO,MN,& MO) All events will be run and planned with Players & Coaches in mind. We love these sports and want these events to be something all of us will remember.  

We also host a handful of other events as well such as camps, Instruction, concerts, festivities, and more.





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